Love that showroom shine? Worry that stone chip or acid rain will damage your car paint? Protect your car now and prolong that showroom shine with the most effective paint protection film to date. UltraFit PPF comes in Matt Or gloss, Military grade technology.
PPF engineered with Nano Ceramic Technology creating an Ultra Hydrophobic surface, ideal for repelling dust and liquids. ULTRAFIT XP is uniquely engineered to be dustless. All you have to do is drive and leave the dust behind. Don’t worry anymore about dust getting stuck on your protection! Even though many paint protection films have hydrophobic features, but it does not mean that they are all the same.
ULTRAFIT XP has the highest water angle of 105 degrees, leaving no water stains on your vehicle. ULTRAFIT XP will give your vehicle that ultimate shine as if it was detailed. It is designed to reject 99% of harmful radiation that can deteriorate the paint on your vehicle. Using the best TPU in the market, ULTRAFIT PPF can absorb the impact from rocks, gravel, door dings etc.
Even if sometimes the shock cannot be reversed, just peel off the PPF. Better that the PPF is damaged then the vehicle. Difficult installation is something of the past. With our special engineered pressure sensitive adhesive, it provides installers the freedom to reposition the film without the concerns of lift marks while maintaining the strength of adhesion.