ULTRAFIT is a film industry who from the beginning have made it our mission to manufacture and provide a film to protect your skin while giving you clear visibility for those long hours on the road. Using our innovative Hybrid Nano Technology, we have developed a window film that will be the optimum solution for protection against harmful UV radiation and creating the ultimate driving experience.
Why ULTRAFIT WinCrest Clear?
From the moment it is applied until the day you decide to take it off, WinCrest Clear has high scratch resistance, no delamination and will always be optically clear that will never obstruct your vision.
Putting in mind that the biggest issues of windshield protection film is delamination, our WinCrest series are designed to be the solution and prevent delamination from happening. You will never worry about delamination ever again.
Providing more than just protection, our WinCrest Series has the added feature of premium UV rejection to keep out the harmful radiation from entering the vehicle, keeping the driver out of harms way.
Installing windshield protection film is never easy and could be very time consuming. To save your time, our WinCrest series were developed to be much more convenient providing you a seamless installation process.
From the moment you install the film and until you decide to remove the film, our WinCrest series will be crystal. With no effects of hazing, it will be like it’s not even there.
Save the hassle of dealing with sun visors. With the glare reduction feature on our WinCrest series, drive comfortably without worrying about glares distracting your line of sight. When the time comes to remove the windshield protection, we have developed an easily removable adhesive, so it is simple to remove as it is to install, leaving no traces of residue after removal.